DMR assumes the acronyms of Disinfection Mobile Robots (Disinfection Mobile Robots), which is its focus and development concept. Our solutions enable the fight against contagion, spread of viruses and bacteria that cause numerous diseases, increasing normal cleaning routines on high, medium and low contact surfaces. The disinfection process is fast, safe and effective for the decontamination of spaces, since it interacts directly with the genetic material of the microorganisms, making their complete inactivation (in the order of 99.9%) and interrupting the contagion cycle.

Using lights emitting UV-C radiation, and combining cutting-edge robotics solutions, we create solutions that aim to improve health and well-being conditions, providing increased levels of safety and protection against the invisible threats caused by viruses and bacteria. The chemical-free disinfection system provided by UV-C radiation is a reliable tool that meets the extreme production requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in cleanroom areas of production areas.

Infections associated with hospital admissions are a growing problem, causing thousands of infected patients in the health sector and many hundreds of deaths from infections contracted during the period of hospitalization.