“The value of an ideia lies in the using of it.


The robots are designed to work autonomously, performing safe disinfection of spaces without human intervention required.


Depending on the perimeter to be disinfected, the process of the UV emission neutralizes bacterial, viral and spore cells very quick.


Thanks to the UV emission, this equipment efficiency is 99.99%.

Airports, malls and other indoor spaces

If you have to manage disinfection in big indoor spaces, which are frequented by many people, DMR 500 robot is the key to help you do the job!

Restaurants, Hotels, Theathers, multi-use arenas

Our equipments can make the difference in disinfection and sanitizing places where food hygiene and safety are required.

Health Care Centers, Hospitals, Dental clinics and Wellness

The cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in hospitals and medical centers has becoming increasingly important in the multi-barrier approach for preventing infection, in addition to hand hygiene and proper reprocessing of medical devices. Our disinfection robots can overcome this new needs, disinfecting operating rooms, waiting rooms and other spaces.

schools, universities, libraries, classrooms and kindergartners.

Being guided by a risk-based approach, to maximize the educational, well-being and health benefit for students, teachers, staff, and the wider community, it’s important to prevent viruses and diseases transmission.

Our manual disinfection modules, can help your organization.

Business offices, co-working spaces, warehouses, and other working areas

Sanitizing work spaces has become a reality since the pandemic COVID-19.

DMR 500 robot can help you with that task.


If you have a different need, just contact us.

Together we can check the best solution for you.